Canada offers refugee protection to some people in Canada who fear persecution or who would be in danger if they had to leave. Some dangers they may face include.

  • torture
  • risk to their life
  • risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment

If you feel you could face one of these risks if you go back to your home country or the country where you normally live, you may be able to seek protection in Canada as a refugee.

Refugee claim- Outside Canada

If you are currently living outside Canada and would like to come to Canada as a refugee, you will need a UNHCR, a designated referral organization, or a private sponsorship group referred letter.

You must fall into one of the following 2 refugee classes to be referred by the designated organization.

1) Convention refugee abroad class
  • Currently residing outside your home country.
  • Facing a well-founded fear of persecution based on race, religion, political opinion,
  • nationality, or membership in a particular social group. Examples: gender, sexual orientation, etc. and unable to return to the home country.
  • Can be sponsored by 3 different programs: Government-assisted refugees, Privately sponsored refugees, and blended visa office-referred refugees.
2) Country of asylum class
  • Currently residing outside your home country or the country where you normally live,
  • Seriously affected by civil war or armed conflict.
  • Denied basic human rights on an ongoing basis.
  • Can be privately sponsored.

Government-Assisted Refugees Program (GAR)

Under this program, refugees are referred to Canada for resettlement by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) or another designated referral organization. Individuals are not eligible apply directly.

You must register for refugee status with the UNHCR or state authorities to be considered by a referral organization.

Privately Sponsored Refuges (Refugee Sponsorship)

Canada allows the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program which lets private groups to sponsor eligible refugees from abroad. Those groups must be a part of one of the following groups.

  • Sponsorship agreement holders (SAH)- They sign agreements with the Government of Canada to help support refugees upon their arrival to Canada.
  • Constituent Groups- This group work with SAHs to sponsor refugees under the SAH’s agreement.
  • Groups of Five – This group consists of 5 or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents who sponsor refugees to settle in their communities.
  • Community Sponsors- These are the organizations, associations or corporations that sponsor refugees.

Blended Visa Office- Referred (BVOR)

Under this program, the Visa office works with the refugee referral organizations. This program provide ease for the private sponsors to help the most vulnerable refugees. Referral organizations identify the refugees for resettlement and to support sponsors, BVOR program offer up to 6 months of financial support after refugees arrive in Canada.

Refugee claim- Inside Canada

If you are in Canada and who can’t return to their home country safely as they may face danger of torture, risk to their life, risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment can apply for a refugee claim.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must be in Canada.
  • You cannot be subjected to a removal order.

If you make a refugee claim, IRCC will decide if it can be referred to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB). The IRB is an independent tribunal that makes decisions on immigration and refugee matters.

The IRB decides who is a Convention refugee or a person in need of protection.

Convention refugees are outside their home country or the country they normally live in and are not able to return because of a well-founded fear of persecution based on:

  • race
  • religion
  • political opinion
  • nationality
  • being part of a social group, such as women or people of a particular sexual orientation

A person in need of protection is a person in Canada who cannot return to their home country safely because upon their return, they may face:

  • danger of torture
  • risk to their life
  • risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment

How we can help?

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